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Introduction To WebServices/ API

  • What is XML?
  • Why XML is used for communication?
  • Famous protocols used in web services
  • What is WSDL?
  • How SOAP UI helps us
  • Java OR groovy?

Groovy Scripting, SOAPUI Logs, Test Cases, Test Steps

  • Introduction to Groovy script
  • Why do we need Scripting/programming language
  • Building test suites, Test cases and Test steps in SOAP UI
  • Groovy script test step
  • JVM runs behind soapUI

Groovy - OOPs Concepts

  • Arrays in groovy
  • Drawbacks of arrays
  • Hashtable in groovy
  • ArrayList in groovy
  • HashSet in groovy

File Reading

  • Reading properties file
  • Advantages of properties file
  • Features in Object Spy
  • Reading/Writing Xls Files
  • Storing data in Xls files

SOAPUI Free Version - Endpoints, Building Tests, Sending Request, Reading Response

  • SOAP Protocol
  • Implementing web service with SOAP
  • Counting total open browsers
  • SOAP Request/Response and HTTP Protocol
  • What is WSDL and how it represents web service?


  • What is assertion?
  • Validating response
  • Contains, not contains assertions
  • Xpaths in XMLs
  • Xpath Assertions

Properties In Soapui

  • Properties at Different Level (TestCase, TestSuite, Project, Global)
  • Custom and Project Properties
  • Deciding levels for properties
  • Practical usage/importance of properties

Ready Api / Api Testing - 1

  • Why READY API?
  • Difference between soapui OS and READY API
  • Downloading/Installing READY API
  • READY API with SOAP and REST

Data Driven Framework - Rest+ Ready API - LIVE PROJECT



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