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Node + Express

Course Content

Getting Started With Node
Introduction To Node.JS
Environment Setup
Node Architecture
Node Module System
Global Object
Creating Modules
Loading Modules
Module Wrapper Functions
Path Module
OS Module
File System Module
Events Module
Event Emitters
HTTP Module
Working with NPM
Package dependencies
Maintain packages for an application
Semantic Versioning
Building RESTFul API with Express
Introduction To Express and ReSTFul Architecture
Building first web server
Routing / Route Parameters
Handling GET, POST requests
Testing API with POSTMAN
Input validation
Handling PUT, Delete requests
Applying Middleware
Creating custome middleware
Database integration
Performing CRUD operations with Mongoose
Connecting to Mongo DB
Schemas and Models
Querying a document
Query operators
Mongoose Data validation
Securing API
Creating User Model
Registering Users
Using Loadash
Working with JWT Authentication
Working with Role based authentication
Testing Authorization
Errors Handling
Handling and Loggin Errors
Handling rejected promises
Express Error middleware
Async Errors



Course Content


S.No. Topics Description
1 Angular Introduction - Angular fundamentals, Typescript, Compilation Understanding about Angular fundamentals like What is Angular, why and where to use it. Along with Typescript concepts and syntax and how TS is compiled to JS to get executed on browser
2 Angular Getting Started - Environment setup, Writing basic programs Understanding about how to start working with a very basic Angular application
3 Components - Creating Components, styling components, Templates As components are the basic building blocks of angular, we'll cover the basic operations with components, such as creating and styling a component, passing template to a component
4 Directives - Angular directive, Custom directives Will learn about pre defined Angular directives along with how to create various types of custom directives for Angular Project
5 Pipes - Angular pipes, Custom pipes Will learn about pre defined Angular pipes along with how to create custom pipes for Angular Project
6 Services - Services, DI Will learn how to create services for Angular and how to inject services in components while performing DI
7 Fetching Data - Calling RESTFull service, CRUD Operations Since data is a basic need of every application, here you'll learn how to extract the data from a RESTFul service using http methods of Angular
8 Routing - SPA, Passing / Reading query strings, Route Guards In this module, you'll learn how to create single page applications using Angular by routing. Also, you'll learn how to pass values through query string and reading the values from wuery string on different components
9 Component Life Cycle Will learn about various life cycle hooks where we can find ways of writing code for different purposes during a component life cycle
10 Component Communication Will learn various ways using which one component can send the values to anouther component
11 Forms - Create reaactive / template driven forms, Forms Validation We'll learn how to take data from users using reactive and template driven Forms and put validations for taking the valid data only. 
12 NgRX - Stores, Reducers, Actions, Pipes We'll learn how to maintain the state in Angular using Redux pattern in NgRx
12 Material  We'll learn about UI component library provied for Angular apps
13 Deployment - AOT/JIT We'll cover different types of compilation process using aot & jit. 
14 Testing We'll learn writing basic unit test cases for Angular components


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